Seminars and Services

Happy and Healthy U Seminars Address the following Topic Areas:

  • ◊   Reducing Stress and Increasing Relaxation and Self-Care
  • ◊   Coping with and Reducing Work Related Stress
  • ◊   Recovering from Job Loss and Moving Toward Success
  • ◊   Clarifying and Achieving Career Goals
  • ◊   Developing Healthy  Money Related Attitudes
  • ◊   Improving Relationship and Communication Skills
  • ◊   Enhancing Anger Management and Assertiveness Skills
  • ◊   Increasing Self-Confidence and Overcoming Fear
  • ◊   Managing Change and Life Transitions
  • ◊   Developing Healthy Self-Love and Self-Esteem

 Happy and Healthy U Seminar Audiences include:

  • ♦   Workplace Settings
  • ♦   Health Fairs
  • ♦   Retreats
  • ♦   Wellness Ministries
  • ♦   Conferences
  • ♦   Family Reunions

Length of Happy and Healthy U Seminars:

The length and timing of seminars can be tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs.   Seminars may range from one hour, lunch time presentations to day long programs.

Pricing of Happy and Healthy U Seminars:

The cost of a Happy and Healthy U Seminar is based upon the length of the presentation, number of participants and the provision of handouts.  While individual seminars are priced by the hour, fees for multiple or ongoing seminar contracts are negotiable for discounts.

Contact Dr. Diane Kern to facilitate an enriching experience for your organization.