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“Loving Life and Living Well”

Welcome to Happy and Healthy U Mental Wellness Seminars:

Loving life and living well is the mission of the Happy and Healthy U seminar series.  By promoting stress reduction and increased relaxation, this series endeavors to help participants enjoy greater happiness and overall well-being.  These seminars and workshops educate and empower participants with enhanced self-awareness and effective skills to reduce stress, achieve increased life satisfaction, attain enhanced personal fulfillment and overcome everyday life challenges. The workshops focus on recognizing and reinforcing existing strengths, developing new and creative solution oriented strategies and identifying useful resources. A lively, interactive group format is utilized, which emphasizes active participation and personal engagement. Techniques employed include group discussion, role play, small group exercises, self-assessment and personal reflection.


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Diane Kern, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist in the District of Columbia and Maryland.  She possesses over 20 years’ experience and an extensive background of therapeutic, life coaching, and consultation skills with diverse populations.

Through her Happy and Healthy U Seminar Series, Dr. Kern integrates her expertise with her philosophy related to empowering others by enhancing life management skills.  Dr. Kern’s approach combines well researched concepts, such as Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence to encourage increased self-awareness and change that lead to desired personal growth and mental wellness.

Dr. Kern’s warm and engaging interpersonal style puts participants at ease and encourages participation. Her expert facilitation skills inspire interest and the desire to change and grow.